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“Unity for the Strong, Separation is for the weak” – Ra Yoseph

Ra Yoseph, born Joseph Robinson (1/04/1989), is a socially and spiritually conscious artist known for his liberating music with a message that he intends to spread to the urban youth throughout the world. Ra was cultivated in the culturally-rich crucible of New Orleans, LA and discovered his love for music at age 8 when he began drumming and singing at his local church. In high school, Joseph was a drum major and it was evident that he was a natural born leader and performer. As the eldest of three siblings enduring the tenacity of pre-Katrina New Orleans, Jo quickly learned the ways of the world and was determined to leave a legacy of personal liberation empowerment through his talents.

Like so many other young people his age, Ra used rap music as an escape from the harsh reality of poverty. He credits artists such as Tupac, Nas, Common, and Talib Kweli as some of his inspirations to begin writing his own rhymes at age 14. Music was always an integral piece to Joseph’s upbringing so it was no surprise that following high school, he took his talents to California to better enhance his skills as a musician. It was while attending the Los Angeles Recording School that he began to record himself, as well as mix and masters his own vocals. Soon thereafter at age 19, Ra Yoseph (which translates to GOD) and released his debut project, “The Green Album Mixtape: Vol. 1” in fall 2011. Inspired by the heroes of his youth and his deep love for humanity, Ra quickly caught the attention of local A&R’s by ‘recycling’ some of the popular songs of the time and putting a clean, positive spin on them. Ra Yoseph’s unique ability to transform the negative cultural stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream rap artists into positive, uplifting music for the soul has become a staple of his artistry that his fans truly appreciate.

Ra released the “Green Album Mixtape: Vol. 2” in 2013 as the second installment of his ‘recycled’ classics and is scheduled to drop the “Green Album Mixtape Vol.3” in the spring of 2017. In addition to releasing fresh projects geared towards cleaning the mind and the soul, Ra Yoseph has performed at a number of festivals throughout the country including the Harambee Fest, the Marcus Garvey Fest, The Peace Fest, The Ujomaa Fest, The Malcolm X Fest and many more. Everywhere Ra has performed has spoken directly to his people, the audiences have embraced his message and his energy with open arms. Ra Yoseph is currently one of the leading advocates in his hometown for healthier dieting and plans to release his debut album “The Green Album” as a means of empowering his listeners with the message that “healthy is the new gangsta.”

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